Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 1

Today was move in day!
I woke up at 10am today, and I knew it was going to be one in the history books. You know that feeling where you just know it's gonna be a good day? Yeah, I woke up thinking, today's the day where my highschool chapter in my book of life finally ends, and the fruits of my labors/college chapter finally starts.
Most people shoot for a age (like 13,18,21,40, etc) to celebrate the different chapters in their life; for me, I want to make the different chapters in my life defined by the accomplishments of the goals I have set in my life.
Last night I packed my bags, I took a few pairs of pants, lots of shorts, and shirts, and extra lots of the socks and undies (you can never have to many). I also packed three pairs of shoes and my check-pants just incase. I threw together a bag full of my toiletries and some other goodies I picked up at the store like laundry soap and some new body wash and shampoo/conditioner. I packed my computer and my knife kit, and of course my blankets,pillows, and sheets. That's it!
I had lunch with my dad, said bye to my thirteen year old doggy, and gave my "thirty-eight" year old mother a hug and kiss bye.
I left at noon and arrived around one-thirty because I enjoy driving very slow on the highway for optimum gas mileage!
I went to the HR department, read over the lease papers and signed them, I at that point followed her to the beautiful house (not) that I am staying in.
We went in, I was introduced to Thomas, a student at CIA (Culinary Institute of America), and I said hi to my buddy from school, Jeremy. Melissa, from Kohler, handed me the keys to my room and the house doors and said good luck and just left!
I talked with the guys for a while, mainly with Thomas asking him about CIA and how he likes it and etc. We found out that Kohler was paying him less than us at WCTC! How crazy is that?! The best school in the USA for Culinary, and a little Tech school is producing higher paid students. I found that humorous.
I eventually moved all my stuff into my room which contained a twin bunk, a twin regular bed and a few other little end tables before I got in.
After hauling all my stuff in, me and Jeremy decided to go check out Sheboygan while Thomas was off working at the Wisconsin Club.
Sheboygan has a lot of shops! Lucky for us, they are all for the most part within walking distance of us. I have two twenty-four hour stores within a five minutes drive.
I stopped at walmart and picked up some canned pasta, and frozen chicken breast along with buns.
After that, I and Jeremy went to a Chinese Buffet and gorged our serlves for dinner.
After dinner, we went back to the house, I cleaned up a bit and then drove all the way back to Pewaukee, because I had forgotten my checks, paperwork, and social security card. All of these items I needed inorder to get my security badge tomorrow.
I am back here now cleaning my room getting all my stuff organized and into their proper containers and dressers. Honestly, I am a little freaked out because this house is a little creepy! Also the lower quarter of my body is hanging off the bed because I have been graciously "upgraded" to a twin. Excellent.
No one said this is going to be easy, and I am thankful for that, no fun comes from things going just as they are planned.
I want to thank my parents for sticking with me when I wasn't mature enough to realize what they did for me, and how they continually support me. Even though I wasn't raised in a nucleur house, I was raised in a perfect home. The credit for that goes to my Savior, Jesus Christ, the only One who knows which path to take and how to take it.

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