Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 6

Today was my first day! My roomate Thomas was up at 4am this morning for the breakfast shift, followed by Jeremy who was up at 630am for the lunch shift, then there was me, who left here at 1pm! How did I get so lucky, as to have the late shift where I could sleep in till noon! Even though I had the option of sleeping in till noon, I think I got up right around 9am! Haha Mom,Dad, can u tell I was excited?
Well I think from now on you can call me the fortune teller because, as Jeremy and I were talking last night about todays events, I told him, "You know, even though I only cut myself once during school, I have the feeling that I am going to cut myself the first hour of work tomorrow". Well, sure enough! I ended up slicing the tip of my ring finger cutting up some portabella mushrooms. By the way, the produce and meat quality they have up here is the best I have ever seen! There portobella mushroom caps were as big or bigger than my hand!!
Today I worked a ten hour shift that felt like a hour. I was constantly learning new things, different techniques, and different dishes. Tonight I worked the grill and fryer, while my supervisor Tiffany worked sautee and "smiley" worked salads and desserts.
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by three married women in the kitchen and listening to them and their stories really makes me aware that I have found the girl that God wants me to be with. They all describe their married lives and the things they do together, the struggles and trials each other faces, and I think to myself you know I have done that, been there, and seen that; you know we may actually work together.really well.
I went to walmart after my shift to pick up some finger cots and bandais, as I was walking out I saw a five dollar book section, I actually picked up a book called tiger. This is a biography of the best golfer in the history of golf, this has his highest points as well as the lowest points of his life. One of my supervisors told me tonight, "I can tell you are going to be good at what ever you try, just learn to take a fall better than anyone else and you will be at the top in no time." On my ride home from work I thought to myself, it seems like no one can ever have enough, one trophy, one million dollars, one house, one car, and one wife just isn't enough. I want to be satisfied with what God gives me, and if He knows I can't handle the top, then I pray God only allows me to be average.
Tomorrow I meet with the Executive Chef of Whistling Straits, pray for me that I would have a bold testimony in the kitchen everyday and that they will see that I am different.
Special shout outs to the best sisters in the whole world, little Kate and Rissi; and to the best girl friend ever, Jenn! Also, thanks Dad and Mom for raising me how you did, and for being so tough on me as a kid, I hope you can see your fruits of your labors paying off now. I love you guys!


  1. This is Bethany, not Jeffrey, but I just wanted to say how proud I am of you! Jeffrey has said he wishes he had invested more in your life, but I'm sure once he sees this blog he will be more than happy at who you've turned out to be. Praise God!

  2. Cameron, Wow, I'm impressed, very much! Way to go dude, and keep on the strait and narrow. I will not be easy, but the rewards at the end are far worth the journey. I saw Tiger at that golf course a while back, it was neat, and so cool that you work there. I think it's great you are a cook and I can also tell you have the right attitude only given you by the Lord. Keep up the walk dude, I'm proud of you, very proud. I'll pray for you tomorrow. Jeffrey

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I appreciate it!