Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Back!!

Sorry guys! All of a sudden, my phone didn't feel like it should let me upload anything to it for blogger so, I finally was able to get on it through my computer.
Ill start it again This Wednesday when I get back to work.

Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 14

Tonight was another absolutely awesome night. I went in kinda weiry because what are the odds of having two awesome nights in a row, well my finitie mind never realized with my God anything is possible.
Man! I love how He works! I went in, it was supposed to be a slow night, so I would be able to experiment and really do a lot of different things I wouldn't normally be able to do on a night with lots of tables.
Tonight I helped a lot with banquets. I got to make large amounts of food, see how they were set up, and even see how to put out a big fire in the barn where our banquets are held!
Oh yeah and by the way, Chef offered me a shift to help out our banquet supervisors for tomorrow. Of course I am going to jump all over that, I get more hours and it puts me in the spot light, the little intern is willing to come in at 5am after he just left at 11pm.
He came up and thanked me for it and told me I was doing a really good job!
Hopefully I get a little extra reward, like a few hospitality bucks or even a polo or two with the whistling straits logo on them! Score!
Anyways. I need to go to bed asap since I will be getting up at 4am and heading over to open up Whistling Straits!
Thanks for your prayers guys, I really appreciate them and can see God doing things no one else could do.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 13

Today was probably one of the best days yet, and I want to give all the glory to God. Yesterday was one of the worst days, today God turned it all around and showed me He is really in control.
Yesterday, the Sous Chef told me today and tomorrow would be big days for me. I had been there for a week so I knew where things were and how each station basically worked.
Last night I bit the ground, bad! She didn't say bye to me, I think she was pretty irritated at my performance.
Tonight, on the other hand, was amazing! I had plates rocking and rolling. The two stations on my sides each at food pumping out and pantry was cranking out cold apps and salads. At the end of the night she told me that we did great! She said, "it's about time we get the A team back together." That made my night, no not the giant burn on my hand or the one on my wrist, but her excitement about us was awesome!
I took a 3min break to eat dinner and thank God for working through me and helping me really understand things tonight.
We had two tables with covers of a 17 and 18 top. These are giant tables! We start banquets with 20 people, so 17 and 18 people ordering different items off the menu at the same time is crazy!
Also, tonight I broke, going into work the radio said there was going to be a heat advisory till 8pm. Coming out of work I was met at the door with a instant sweat. I went out tonight and bought a air conditioner.
Thanks for praying for me guys, I have tomorrow night where I work with murphy and Chef, then a beautiful couple days with my family.
Keep praying for me guys, I can tell how God moves in miraculous ways. Thank you!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 12

Today was my first day back at work for bit and a early one at that. I woke up at 6am, not wanting to sleep through and miss work, to find out I didn't work till 10am so I slept again till 9am.
Last Saturday night I was asked to come in this morning early since tomorrow, Tuesday, there will be a WRA, Wisconsin Restaurant Association, golf tournament. So I went in 4 hours early to grill a bunch of meat and prep about 12 turkeys for tomorrow.
All in all I think today was a success but it feels like a downer. Even though I made it through my 13 hour day, I am feeling a little bit discouraged. I feel like I should be catching on faster and knowing all these dishes better.
Tonight I worked middle, in middle you have to know each item so you can pick out the correct plates and plate the items correctly. The problem with that is, I don't know all the plates 100% yet and I feel like I should. I also am a lot slower at everything than they are and I feel like I am slowing them down.
My feet are sore, my back is aching, and my heart is droopey, I hope that tomorrow is a better day.
I know I am going through nothing what Christ did, but I have to think to myself, He didn't give up even before He knew He was going to the cross. Even though He knew that His end was going to be terrible, he still healed many, and continued His walk.
Please pray for me to stay encouraged, and memorize the dishes better.

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Day 11

Today I went home to spend the day with my family, we went to church together, and spent most of the afternoon together. I brought them back a peice of our infamouse banoffee pie, which has a graham cracker crust, topped with a caramel bannana cream center, and a vanilla whipped cream topping. Absolutely delicious if you ask anyone has has tried it.
I went back to Moes for lunch because, even though I ate it for almost three years straight, I missed the nachos!
I took the lunch to go and me and jenn ate lunch at home while chit chatting a little bit.
Later that night ,me and jenn met up with my Dad at TGI Fridays for the NBA Finals game. It was a very close game, but the Heat managed to squeek by a last second victory with a couple huge three pointers.
Just a pretty plain day, for a pretty plain guy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 10

After getting my butt handed to me at work last night, I figured I need to come to work ready to rock tonight! I threw on new chef pants,new apron, and a brand new, name embroidered chef jacket. I was feeling real good, you know the feeling you get when you are wearing new clothes for the first time? Now multiply that times three because, my name is on them, I am getting paid to wear them, and because I enjoy the part of the day when I get to wear them.
Tonight I walked in to a crazy den of busy chefs, everyone was talking all at the same time, things needed to be done all at the same time, and we were over booked by a table.
Right off the bat, I prepped tatters. I riced, whipped, and seasoned all three types of potatoes which are bacon, plain, and my all time favorite horseradish!
I am currently trying to memorize the menu because even though it might seem easy, each item has a different plate shape, plate size, plate color, item protein, item vegetable, item starch, item sauce, and finally garnish. So I have possibly one million different combinations running through my head at one time.
So tonight I was put on cold line which has to possibility of three different salads, five desserts, and two cold appetizers; all of which can be made thirty different ways according to the customers needs.
Tonight, because we got slammed, I worked the middle of the line as well as salads, cold apps, and desserts. The middle is the classic position of prepping each plate for protein and veggie. I prep by either throwing the plate in "the window", which is basically a really hot warmer, or if the protein gets a potatoe, I shock the plates and potatoe in the salamander. After step one I assemble the plates by combining the plates, with correct protein, veggie, and sauce. It is a very challenging task when there are twenty plus plates in the mix and you are playing captain unscrambble the puzzle.
I burned my hand tonight because, in the mix of assembling the plates I grabbed a really really hot sautee pan full of butternut squash rissotto. The problem with grabbing the really really hot pans are it takes a little bit for the signal to get to your brain and back that when u get the signal ur already walking with it so you have to take another second to find a spot to set it down. By the time you set it back down, your hand is no longer burned its seared, the skin it tough and you're hand doesn't really hurt that bad.
I had a lot of fun tonight, best part was when the chef came over and asked me how I felt, and told me I was doing a really good job.
I am thankful for God giving me this opportunity but first and formost I am thankful for him putting all the good and bad things in my path/life so I had no other options but to take this job. My parents also had another huge role by listening to God and given my the experiences I've had.
Even though I doubted and wanted to choose other wise, I listened to my parents when they guided me. If I could tell anyone how important that is, I would. I pray that my sisters will look upto me and see my good and bad and learn from me, so that they don't have to go through the pain of falling and so they can go through the same feeling of succeeding.
I love you and miss you, Dad, Mom, Chuck Ris, Kate, Jenn, Grandma, Grandpa and LOUIS/LADY

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 9

You know, I debated last night, should I drive home at 10pm so I can sleep in or should I wake up in the morning and just go right to work? Well this morning I realized I probably made the wrong decision when I woke up, hit the alarm clock, and woke up 2hrs before work!
I threw my clothes on, rushed out the door and went on my way. Luckily, Milwaukee traffic wasn't that bad and I ended up getting to work ten minutes early.
Tonight was supposed to be crazy! We didn't have anyroom for walkins since we were already full from reservations. Since tonight was supposed to be crazy, we had four people staffed, three fully seasoned veterans and little ole me. Hah I was put on salads and desserts, which was my first time. I got a little bit of practice before the rush hit, but when the rush hit, it blindsided me!
I had tickets coming out of my nose we were so busy. Luckily, my supervisor Tiffany came over and helped me get these salads and appetizers out.
All and all it was a very busy night, and a fun night because I basically learned all of pantry side.
Thank you all to everyone who reads my blog and comments. It keeps me going everyday!

Day 8

My first day off! Today I went and brought my mommy some lunch and she brought the gossip, not really. It was nice to see my mom and family again though.
After lunch, I went over to spend time with my awesome grandparents! My grandma sewed my name in three of my chef jackets while I cut up her watermelon and even offered to clean her gutters! My grandpa came home after a long day volunteering at the hospital and me and him chatted a while. When grandma was done sewing my jackets I invited both of them to dinner tonight because I was cooking spaghetti and chicken alfredo.
Grandma had a meeting so it was going to be jenn, mom, mom, chuck, grandpa, marissa, and me. Dinner went well and so did the company.
After dinner, I went with jenn to her grandmas we chatted, went for ice cream, then I went home and slept!
Even though it was a lazy day for me, I still appreciated how God has blessed me with a dissfuctional family. Some people might laugh and say why do you like a disfunctional family, its not perfect? Well I am one of those people who calls this organized chaose my home, my family, my life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 7

Today was my second day in a row working! Tonight I manned the grill basically all by myself. Before tonight I had learned all the grill and fryer items except one, the hardest one, the lamb rack.
Tonight we only had a couple reservations so it was a very slow night; a good night for me to learn other things about the line.
I started off frying up a bunch of garnishes like potatoe crisps, chives, leeks, and arugula. Each of the couple dozen dishes all have different starches, veggies, proteins, protein sauce, plates, and plate sauces. So learning the grill and fryer on my second day I thought was a pretty good accomplishment.
There were a bunch of walkins that made my night a little more eventful.
I eventually ended up getting a order for a medium well lamb rack! The lamb rack turned out well, well actually it was medium well ;P, but the actual plate was beautiful! My supervisor took a picture of it so hopefully when I see her next I can have her email it to me and I'll throw it up here.
Last night I thought about how cool my God is, he designed plants to have oil which they use to live and we use to cook food! God didn't make things for just one purpose, he made things worth so much more! It's kinda like we aren't here just to do our jobs, we are here to be an influence to a lost and dying world.
At Kohler they have a reward program for associates who are seen going above and beyond their job. I thought to myself that is so cool! Finally, they will be looking for and noticing people who go out of their way to help; but then again, why do we have to be bribed to help people? Isn't that our right to be able to help people, especially us Christians, who are to walk as Christ.
Just something to think about, how much can going out of your way once a day make a difference to other people? Missionaries, Pastors, therapists devote their lives to it but it doesn't mean they are the only ones who get to do it. Learn, Live, Love Christ

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 6

Today was my first day! My roomate Thomas was up at 4am this morning for the breakfast shift, followed by Jeremy who was up at 630am for the lunch shift, then there was me, who left here at 1pm! How did I get so lucky, as to have the late shift where I could sleep in till noon! Even though I had the option of sleeping in till noon, I think I got up right around 9am! Haha Mom,Dad, can u tell I was excited?
Well I think from now on you can call me the fortune teller because, as Jeremy and I were talking last night about todays events, I told him, "You know, even though I only cut myself once during school, I have the feeling that I am going to cut myself the first hour of work tomorrow". Well, sure enough! I ended up slicing the tip of my ring finger cutting up some portabella mushrooms. By the way, the produce and meat quality they have up here is the best I have ever seen! There portobella mushroom caps were as big or bigger than my hand!!
Today I worked a ten hour shift that felt like a hour. I was constantly learning new things, different techniques, and different dishes. Tonight I worked the grill and fryer, while my supervisor Tiffany worked sautee and "smiley" worked salads and desserts.
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by three married women in the kitchen and listening to them and their stories really makes me aware that I have found the girl that God wants me to be with. They all describe their married lives and the things they do together, the struggles and trials each other faces, and I think to myself you know I have done that, been there, and seen that; you know we may actually work together.really well.
I went to walmart after my shift to pick up some finger cots and bandais, as I was walking out I saw a five dollar book section, I actually picked up a book called tiger. This is a biography of the best golfer in the history of golf, this has his highest points as well as the lowest points of his life. One of my supervisors told me tonight, "I can tell you are going to be good at what ever you try, just learn to take a fall better than anyone else and you will be at the top in no time." On my ride home from work I thought to myself, it seems like no one can ever have enough, one trophy, one million dollars, one house, one car, and one wife just isn't enough. I want to be satisfied with what God gives me, and if He knows I can't handle the top, then I pray God only allows me to be average.
Tomorrow I meet with the Executive Chef of Whistling Straits, pray for me that I would have a bold testimony in the kitchen everyday and that they will see that I am different.
Special shout outs to the best sisters in the whole world, little Kate and Rissi; and to the best girl friend ever, Jenn! Also, thanks Dad and Mom for raising me how you did, and for being so tough on me as a kid, I hope you can see your fruits of your labors paying off now. I love you guys!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 5

Honestly, when I first had the idea of writting a blog, I didn't really imagine myself making it this far! Day five! I woke up to the smell of Mom's biscuits and gravy! Mmmm! My all time favorite breakfast meal consisters of biscuits and gravy, turkey bacon, three eggs over easy, and a plate of hashbrowns (extra crunchy).
Like I said in my last post, I now realize the opportunity I have when I eat breakfast with my family before going to church with them. Something about that just really makes my day!
After church little kate, marissa, jenn and I went shopping at Brookfield Square for a few hours. The girls ended up coming through for the stereotype and walked out of the store with a big bag each, and I think I helped out the big brother stereotype by buying a few shirts to appease and go along with the idea of shopping is fun. Which, by the way, I don't under stand the point of window shopping? Is it the thrill of seeing all the new cool things, or do people use their lust and greed of things to fuel their work in order to achieve their goal of getting that thing. My thinking is, if I don't even have the money, why should I go and tease myself? It's like walking into the chocolate shop, smelling the sweet chocolate, but then just walking right on out! What is the fun of that?!
Anyways, after shopping, I dropped the girls back off at home and said my good byes. Even though I have said goodbye to these guys probably a million times before, the time when u say goodbye and you know that you probably won't get to see them again for a few weeks, it really gets to you. I think I use that as my fuel for the fire; wanting to not let my family/friends down because I know some of them are watching me and looking upto me.
I am pretty excited tonight because tomorrow is my first day working! I hope I do well! I mean really, not to be rude but, if you were here and you would see some of these people, you would just have to think these chefs and trainers have seen some pretty off people.
I am hoping to see some really cool stuff tomorrow, and hopefully learn quick and get a leg up on the competition.
Thank you everyone who reads my blog! :) Remember the families and people in Joplin, even though I'm in a smaller town, the people still buzz here with the destruction and shock of the accident. God has a plan for everything and the ability to heal anyone.

Day 4

Sorry for the late post! Day four, was another lazy day! I woke up apparently on the right side of bed because I felt refreshed and awake, even though I woke up on a couch that was a foot to short for me.
I went and ate lunch with my Dad, discussed orientation with him and other father-son matter! After lunch, we went over to play with the dogs for a good two or three hours before going home to relax.
Really, when I said lazy day in the beginning of this post, I ment lazy day!
After watching a little bit of TV, we went to BWW to watch the UFC fight! That really was all I did in my day!
Even though I didn't do much of anything I still was able to enjoy the little things in life. Sitting in the backyard with my dad on a 70 degree day, playing with the dogs, is a very hard memory to top.
Even though God has blessed me with the opportunity to do some very cool things, and experience some very different things, I am still very grateful to Him, that he allows me to enjoy the small things with my friends/family.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 3

Day three, of many, was nice to see. I came back home for a nice three day weekend with the family before business will soon be conducted. It was nice to see everyone smile and be surprised, or atleast act surprised, when I got back. Even though it's only been a couple days, it really has felt like a week since I have seen my dad,mom,chuck and awesome sisters.
Little Kate sent me a farewell message over facebook the other night, if I was a girl I probably would cried because who knew that such sweet things could come from such a scary monster like kate ;)! Anyways I loved her letter, message actually just because she doesn't yet know how to write a letter and mail it.
Today was a pretty relaxed day, I went and saw Jenn at the bank and surprised her, then I went home and laid on the super comfy couch while petting my puppy louis.
Mom dropped marissa off at home after marissa had gotten done with school, then my mom took off in the car and sort of dissapeared for a while, I honestly had no clue where she went. She eventually came back to cook some chicken quarters and polish dogs with me.
Since I am suuuuuch a nice son, I went to the store to pick up some onions for the fried potatoes we were going to make for the grilled meats. The problem is, Mom doesn't really know me that well, She sent me to the grocery store with five dollars for a bag of two dollar onions. Of course, I ended up buying eight dollars worth of delicious addons such as a hobanero pepper to throw in the peppers for a little kick, and some chips, tea for me, and a bag of yummy kettle chips!
After dinner with the fam, I took little kate and jenn to KUNG FU PAND 2! What a awesome movie! I have never wished so hard that a cute, fuzzy little panda bear would show up on my front porch in a little radish box!
Now I am home thinking about how God has really blessed me, and directed me in everything that I have done. He has shown me wich doors to open, which bridges to cross, and what jobs to apply for. The crazy thing about this all is, even though this multi-billion dollar company may seem big, my God is bigger than all of them.
I find it really fascinating that God didn't just say let their be humans, he took his time to make up different DNA, races, skin colors, skin tones, and all that stuff! He went into all the details designing us for a given purpose!
It really humbles me when I think about how God really cares for us, and we don't really even appreciate it. Do I always thank God for the beautiful plants, herbs, meats and cutlery I get to work with everyday? Honestly, no I don't and I feel kinda bad but I know God knows how we can get caught up and forget about life and Him. My prayer tonight before I go to bed is that, He will remind me every day how awesome Hwe is, that He is bring something into my path everyday to wake me up at His glory and presence in my life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2

This morning I woke up to the sweet sound of my double alarm! You know, I need a alarm close to my ear to wake me up and one across the room to keep me up.
I threw on my dress pants and my premium lime green dress shirt along with the beautiful white nikes I have. I ate some breakfast which today consisted of two perfectly unhealthy white buns and two delicious and somewhat healthy turkey breakfast patties. I made a lunch with the same combo only I subsituted in a few chicken breasts and I also took a gatorade and some granola!
By 730 I was out the door feeling great, the sun was out so I didn't have any mud in my shoes from the rain yesterday and for some reason the Kohler air just smells that much better!
I went to Kohler medical, law and communications building to get my security/clock in badge. I filled out a bunch of paper work and got my picture taken for it.
After receiving my badge I jumped across the street to The American Club hotel and sat for the first three hours while Melissa (head of HR) discussed whp Kohler was, what we respresent and how to represent it. There was a hour break for lunch where I went to the house and sat while I ate my two chicken sandwiches and some home made granola.
After lunch, I went back for another three hours where we were taught about Hospitality by D.E.S.I.G.N. which is a huge is a anagram for some crazy mumbo jumbo. She could have just summed it up by saying "You represent Kohler so be nice to the people you work with and who stay with us."
After orientation I went to the house and took a shower. This shower smelled terrible! The water is well water and I think I was gagging the whole time I was in the bathroom because of the amount of rotten egg smell.
I got a call from my supervisor, I will be starting at whistling straits Monday! I am also excuited because they put me on nights, now I don't have to get up at 4am, since you have to start work at 5:30am.
I can start to tell that this is going to be very exciting and very exhausting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 1

Today was move in day!
I woke up at 10am today, and I knew it was going to be one in the history books. You know that feeling where you just know it's gonna be a good day? Yeah, I woke up thinking, today's the day where my highschool chapter in my book of life finally ends, and the fruits of my labors/college chapter finally starts.
Most people shoot for a age (like 13,18,21,40, etc) to celebrate the different chapters in their life; for me, I want to make the different chapters in my life defined by the accomplishments of the goals I have set in my life.
Last night I packed my bags, I took a few pairs of pants, lots of shorts, and shirts, and extra lots of the socks and undies (you can never have to many). I also packed three pairs of shoes and my check-pants just incase. I threw together a bag full of my toiletries and some other goodies I picked up at the store like laundry soap and some new body wash and shampoo/conditioner. I packed my computer and my knife kit, and of course my blankets,pillows, and sheets. That's it!
I had lunch with my dad, said bye to my thirteen year old doggy, and gave my "thirty-eight" year old mother a hug and kiss bye.
I left at noon and arrived around one-thirty because I enjoy driving very slow on the highway for optimum gas mileage!
I went to the HR department, read over the lease papers and signed them, I at that point followed her to the beautiful house (not) that I am staying in.
We went in, I was introduced to Thomas, a student at CIA (Culinary Institute of America), and I said hi to my buddy from school, Jeremy. Melissa, from Kohler, handed me the keys to my room and the house doors and said good luck and just left!
I talked with the guys for a while, mainly with Thomas asking him about CIA and how he likes it and etc. We found out that Kohler was paying him less than us at WCTC! How crazy is that?! The best school in the USA for Culinary, and a little Tech school is producing higher paid students. I found that humorous.
I eventually moved all my stuff into my room which contained a twin bunk, a twin regular bed and a few other little end tables before I got in.
After hauling all my stuff in, me and Jeremy decided to go check out Sheboygan while Thomas was off working at the Wisconsin Club.
Sheboygan has a lot of shops! Lucky for us, they are all for the most part within walking distance of us. I have two twenty-four hour stores within a five minutes drive.
I stopped at walmart and picked up some canned pasta, and frozen chicken breast along with buns.
After that, I and Jeremy went to a Chinese Buffet and gorged our serlves for dinner.
After dinner, we went back to the house, I cleaned up a bit and then drove all the way back to Pewaukee, because I had forgotten my checks, paperwork, and social security card. All of these items I needed inorder to get my security badge tomorrow.
I am back here now cleaning my room getting all my stuff organized and into their proper containers and dressers. Honestly, I am a little freaked out because this house is a little creepy! Also the lower quarter of my body is hanging off the bed because I have been graciously "upgraded" to a twin. Excellent.
No one said this is going to be easy, and I am thankful for that, no fun comes from things going just as they are planned.
I want to thank my parents for sticking with me when I wasn't mature enough to realize what they did for me, and how they continually support me. Even though I wasn't raised in a nucleur house, I was raised in a perfect home. The credit for that goes to my Savior, Jesus Christ, the only One who knows which path to take and how to take it.