Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 10

After getting my butt handed to me at work last night, I figured I need to come to work ready to rock tonight! I threw on new chef pants,new apron, and a brand new, name embroidered chef jacket. I was feeling real good, you know the feeling you get when you are wearing new clothes for the first time? Now multiply that times three because, my name is on them, I am getting paid to wear them, and because I enjoy the part of the day when I get to wear them.
Tonight I walked in to a crazy den of busy chefs, everyone was talking all at the same time, things needed to be done all at the same time, and we were over booked by a table.
Right off the bat, I prepped tatters. I riced, whipped, and seasoned all three types of potatoes which are bacon, plain, and my all time favorite horseradish!
I am currently trying to memorize the menu because even though it might seem easy, each item has a different plate shape, plate size, plate color, item protein, item vegetable, item starch, item sauce, and finally garnish. So I have possibly one million different combinations running through my head at one time.
So tonight I was put on cold line which has to possibility of three different salads, five desserts, and two cold appetizers; all of which can be made thirty different ways according to the customers needs.
Tonight, because we got slammed, I worked the middle of the line as well as salads, cold apps, and desserts. The middle is the classic position of prepping each plate for protein and veggie. I prep by either throwing the plate in "the window", which is basically a really hot warmer, or if the protein gets a potatoe, I shock the plates and potatoe in the salamander. After step one I assemble the plates by combining the plates, with correct protein, veggie, and sauce. It is a very challenging task when there are twenty plus plates in the mix and you are playing captain unscrambble the puzzle.
I burned my hand tonight because, in the mix of assembling the plates I grabbed a really really hot sautee pan full of butternut squash rissotto. The problem with grabbing the really really hot pans are it takes a little bit for the signal to get to your brain and back that when u get the signal ur already walking with it so you have to take another second to find a spot to set it down. By the time you set it back down, your hand is no longer burned its seared, the skin it tough and you're hand doesn't really hurt that bad.
I had a lot of fun tonight, best part was when the chef came over and asked me how I felt, and told me I was doing a really good job.
I am thankful for God giving me this opportunity but first and formost I am thankful for him putting all the good and bad things in my path/life so I had no other options but to take this job. My parents also had another huge role by listening to God and given my the experiences I've had.
Even though I doubted and wanted to choose other wise, I listened to my parents when they guided me. If I could tell anyone how important that is, I would. I pray that my sisters will look upto me and see my good and bad and learn from me, so that they don't have to go through the pain of falling and so they can go through the same feeling of succeeding.
I love you and miss you, Dad, Mom, Chuck Ris, Kate, Jenn, Grandma, Grandpa and LOUIS/LADY

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