Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 13

Today was probably one of the best days yet, and I want to give all the glory to God. Yesterday was one of the worst days, today God turned it all around and showed me He is really in control.
Yesterday, the Sous Chef told me today and tomorrow would be big days for me. I had been there for a week so I knew where things were and how each station basically worked.
Last night I bit the ground, bad! She didn't say bye to me, I think she was pretty irritated at my performance.
Tonight, on the other hand, was amazing! I had plates rocking and rolling. The two stations on my sides each at food pumping out and pantry was cranking out cold apps and salads. At the end of the night she told me that we did great! She said, "it's about time we get the A team back together." That made my night, no not the giant burn on my hand or the one on my wrist, but her excitement about us was awesome!
I took a 3min break to eat dinner and thank God for working through me and helping me really understand things tonight.
We had two tables with covers of a 17 and 18 top. These are giant tables! We start banquets with 20 people, so 17 and 18 people ordering different items off the menu at the same time is crazy!
Also, tonight I broke, going into work the radio said there was going to be a heat advisory till 8pm. Coming out of work I was met at the door with a instant sweat. I went out tonight and bought a air conditioner.
Thanks for praying for me guys, I have tomorrow night where I work with murphy and Chef, then a beautiful couple days with my family.
Keep praying for me guys, I can tell how God moves in miraculous ways. Thank you!

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