Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 8

My first day off! Today I went and brought my mommy some lunch and she brought the gossip, not really. It was nice to see my mom and family again though.
After lunch, I went over to spend time with my awesome grandparents! My grandma sewed my name in three of my chef jackets while I cut up her watermelon and even offered to clean her gutters! My grandpa came home after a long day volunteering at the hospital and me and him chatted a while. When grandma was done sewing my jackets I invited both of them to dinner tonight because I was cooking spaghetti and chicken alfredo.
Grandma had a meeting so it was going to be jenn, mom, mom, chuck, grandpa, marissa, and me. Dinner went well and so did the company.
After dinner, I went with jenn to her grandmas we chatted, went for ice cream, then I went home and slept!
Even though it was a lazy day for me, I still appreciated how God has blessed me with a dissfuctional family. Some people might laugh and say why do you like a disfunctional family, its not perfect? Well I am one of those people who calls this organized chaose my home, my family, my life.

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