Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 7

Today was my second day in a row working! Tonight I manned the grill basically all by myself. Before tonight I had learned all the grill and fryer items except one, the hardest one, the lamb rack.
Tonight we only had a couple reservations so it was a very slow night; a good night for me to learn other things about the line.
I started off frying up a bunch of garnishes like potatoe crisps, chives, leeks, and arugula. Each of the couple dozen dishes all have different starches, veggies, proteins, protein sauce, plates, and plate sauces. So learning the grill and fryer on my second day I thought was a pretty good accomplishment.
There were a bunch of walkins that made my night a little more eventful.
I eventually ended up getting a order for a medium well lamb rack! The lamb rack turned out well, well actually it was medium well ;P, but the actual plate was beautiful! My supervisor took a picture of it so hopefully when I see her next I can have her email it to me and I'll throw it up here.
Last night I thought about how cool my God is, he designed plants to have oil which they use to live and we use to cook food! God didn't make things for just one purpose, he made things worth so much more! It's kinda like we aren't here just to do our jobs, we are here to be an influence to a lost and dying world.
At Kohler they have a reward program for associates who are seen going above and beyond their job. I thought to myself that is so cool! Finally, they will be looking for and noticing people who go out of their way to help; but then again, why do we have to be bribed to help people? Isn't that our right to be able to help people, especially us Christians, who are to walk as Christ.
Just something to think about, how much can going out of your way once a day make a difference to other people? Missionaries, Pastors, therapists devote their lives to it but it doesn't mean they are the only ones who get to do it. Learn, Live, Love Christ

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