Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 14

Tonight was another absolutely awesome night. I went in kinda weiry because what are the odds of having two awesome nights in a row, well my finitie mind never realized with my God anything is possible.
Man! I love how He works! I went in, it was supposed to be a slow night, so I would be able to experiment and really do a lot of different things I wouldn't normally be able to do on a night with lots of tables.
Tonight I helped a lot with banquets. I got to make large amounts of food, see how they were set up, and even see how to put out a big fire in the barn where our banquets are held!
Oh yeah and by the way, Chef offered me a shift to help out our banquet supervisors for tomorrow. Of course I am going to jump all over that, I get more hours and it puts me in the spot light, the little intern is willing to come in at 5am after he just left at 11pm.
He came up and thanked me for it and told me I was doing a really good job!
Hopefully I get a little extra reward, like a few hospitality bucks or even a polo or two with the whistling straits logo on them! Score!
Anyways. I need to go to bed asap since I will be getting up at 4am and heading over to open up Whistling Straits!
Thanks for your prayers guys, I really appreciate them and can see God doing things no one else could do.

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