Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 9

You know, I debated last night, should I drive home at 10pm so I can sleep in or should I wake up in the morning and just go right to work? Well this morning I realized I probably made the wrong decision when I woke up, hit the alarm clock, and woke up 2hrs before work!
I threw my clothes on, rushed out the door and went on my way. Luckily, Milwaukee traffic wasn't that bad and I ended up getting to work ten minutes early.
Tonight was supposed to be crazy! We didn't have anyroom for walkins since we were already full from reservations. Since tonight was supposed to be crazy, we had four people staffed, three fully seasoned veterans and little ole me. Hah I was put on salads and desserts, which was my first time. I got a little bit of practice before the rush hit, but when the rush hit, it blindsided me!
I had tickets coming out of my nose we were so busy. Luckily, my supervisor Tiffany came over and helped me get these salads and appetizers out.
All and all it was a very busy night, and a fun night because I basically learned all of pantry side.
Thank you all to everyone who reads my blog and comments. It keeps me going everyday!

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