Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 5

Honestly, when I first had the idea of writting a blog, I didn't really imagine myself making it this far! Day five! I woke up to the smell of Mom's biscuits and gravy! Mmmm! My all time favorite breakfast meal consisters of biscuits and gravy, turkey bacon, three eggs over easy, and a plate of hashbrowns (extra crunchy).
Like I said in my last post, I now realize the opportunity I have when I eat breakfast with my family before going to church with them. Something about that just really makes my day!
After church little kate, marissa, jenn and I went shopping at Brookfield Square for a few hours. The girls ended up coming through for the stereotype and walked out of the store with a big bag each, and I think I helped out the big brother stereotype by buying a few shirts to appease and go along with the idea of shopping is fun. Which, by the way, I don't under stand the point of window shopping? Is it the thrill of seeing all the new cool things, or do people use their lust and greed of things to fuel their work in order to achieve their goal of getting that thing. My thinking is, if I don't even have the money, why should I go and tease myself? It's like walking into the chocolate shop, smelling the sweet chocolate, but then just walking right on out! What is the fun of that?!
Anyways, after shopping, I dropped the girls back off at home and said my good byes. Even though I have said goodbye to these guys probably a million times before, the time when u say goodbye and you know that you probably won't get to see them again for a few weeks, it really gets to you. I think I use that as my fuel for the fire; wanting to not let my family/friends down because I know some of them are watching me and looking upto me.
I am pretty excited tonight because tomorrow is my first day working! I hope I do well! I mean really, not to be rude but, if you were here and you would see some of these people, you would just have to think these chefs and trainers have seen some pretty off people.
I am hoping to see some really cool stuff tomorrow, and hopefully learn quick and get a leg up on the competition.
Thank you everyone who reads my blog! :) Remember the families and people in Joplin, even though I'm in a smaller town, the people still buzz here with the destruction and shock of the accident. God has a plan for everything and the ability to heal anyone.

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