Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 4

Sorry for the late post! Day four, was another lazy day! I woke up apparently on the right side of bed because I felt refreshed and awake, even though I woke up on a couch that was a foot to short for me.
I went and ate lunch with my Dad, discussed orientation with him and other father-son matter! After lunch, we went over to play with the dogs for a good two or three hours before going home to relax.
Really, when I said lazy day in the beginning of this post, I ment lazy day!
After watching a little bit of TV, we went to BWW to watch the UFC fight! That really was all I did in my day!
Even though I didn't do much of anything I still was able to enjoy the little things in life. Sitting in the backyard with my dad on a 70 degree day, playing with the dogs, is a very hard memory to top.
Even though God has blessed me with the opportunity to do some very cool things, and experience some very different things, I am still very grateful to Him, that he allows me to enjoy the small things with my friends/family.

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