Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 3

Day three, of many, was nice to see. I came back home for a nice three day weekend with the family before business will soon be conducted. It was nice to see everyone smile and be surprised, or atleast act surprised, when I got back. Even though it's only been a couple days, it really has felt like a week since I have seen my dad,mom,chuck and awesome sisters.
Little Kate sent me a farewell message over facebook the other night, if I was a girl I probably would cried because who knew that such sweet things could come from such a scary monster like kate ;)! Anyways I loved her letter, message actually just because she doesn't yet know how to write a letter and mail it.
Today was a pretty relaxed day, I went and saw Jenn at the bank and surprised her, then I went home and laid on the super comfy couch while petting my puppy louis.
Mom dropped marissa off at home after marissa had gotten done with school, then my mom took off in the car and sort of dissapeared for a while, I honestly had no clue where she went. She eventually came back to cook some chicken quarters and polish dogs with me.
Since I am suuuuuch a nice son, I went to the store to pick up some onions for the fried potatoes we were going to make for the grilled meats. The problem is, Mom doesn't really know me that well, She sent me to the grocery store with five dollars for a bag of two dollar onions. Of course, I ended up buying eight dollars worth of delicious addons such as a hobanero pepper to throw in the peppers for a little kick, and some chips, tea for me, and a bag of yummy kettle chips!
After dinner with the fam, I took little kate and jenn to KUNG FU PAND 2! What a awesome movie! I have never wished so hard that a cute, fuzzy little panda bear would show up on my front porch in a little radish box!
Now I am home thinking about how God has really blessed me, and directed me in everything that I have done. He has shown me wich doors to open, which bridges to cross, and what jobs to apply for. The crazy thing about this all is, even though this multi-billion dollar company may seem big, my God is bigger than all of them.
I find it really fascinating that God didn't just say let their be humans, he took his time to make up different DNA, races, skin colors, skin tones, and all that stuff! He went into all the details designing us for a given purpose!
It really humbles me when I think about how God really cares for us, and we don't really even appreciate it. Do I always thank God for the beautiful plants, herbs, meats and cutlery I get to work with everyday? Honestly, no I don't and I feel kinda bad but I know God knows how we can get caught up and forget about life and Him. My prayer tonight before I go to bed is that, He will remind me every day how awesome Hwe is, that He is bring something into my path everyday to wake me up at His glory and presence in my life.

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